Happy Easter Rhys Williams from BSCA

Posted on 28th March, 2018

Happy Easter Rhys Williams from BSCA

 Just before Christmas a plea was made by the Mum of Rhys Williams in the Bolton News for people to send Christmas cards to him.  Rhys, a Sharples School student, has been battling a life-limiting and agonising skin condition since he was born. The illness has left Rhys feeling isolated and he fears people staring at him. His mum felt that lots of Christmas cards would help ‘make Christmas’. She came up with the idea ‘to cheer him up because every time he receives one it puts a big smile on his face. That’s something I don’t see very often. We tell him we love him but it’s different to have someone else show they care’.

Many students spend lunchtimes with Tina Crossley our Christian Youth Worker, in the Reflection Room and whilst discussing compassion, well-being and caring for others the group decided that they would like to make Rhys Easter cards. The students felt that Easter is a very family occasion as well as having a religious meaning and often those who are isolated get overlooked so they would brighten up the holiday by designing, making and sending him cards.

Fingers crossed Rhys can smile every time he sees the array of colourful cards sent to him from our BSCA students.