Posted on 2nd October, 2017

#IAMBSCA Our Head Girl and Head Boy tell everyone about their life at BSCA

Miss Coffey, the Year 11 Year Leader is feeling so proud and wants to share with everyone about

Molly and Adam's first public appearance as Head Boy and Head Girl was at last week at Opening Evening. As well as listening to our new Head teacher we feel it is important that everyone intending to join our Academy knows what to expect......

Molly and Adam prepared then rehearsed and delivered a speech to our visitors - the parents, their sons and daughters of our prospective Year 7 students in September 2018. They described their life at the Academy and what they had most enjoyed during their time here so far.

Adam spoke about Lads Group building his confidence and the opportunities he had in Hospitality – cooking Christmas Dinner for the Golden Oldies and the 3 course lunch for visitors. Molly spoke about staff going above and beyond to help her, setting up things like Bolton Fiction Awards book club everything to help ensure that students reach their potential.

 Both Adam and Molly were extremely nervous beforehand but did an excellent job and were complimented by parents and staff for their professionalism.