Iceland Calling

Posted on 22nd November, 2017

Iceland Calling

 Would you have thought Year 3 children in Iceland and the UK study the same topics?

They do!

Year 3 at BSCA have established a link with a Year 3 Class at the International School of Iceland in Gardabaer, just outside of Reykjavik and both are studying ‘Things that Hurt the Earth’. With help from Mr Comer from our IT Network team Mrs Mearns and Mrs Thorsson (from The International School of Iceland) started the conversation and then encouraged the children to talk to each other. The class in Iceland had 11 children in it so finding out about their work was easier as our year 3 didn’t have as many names to remember.

The natural conversation soon flowed and the Icelandic children explained that there are 130 volcanoes in their country and 30 are active. Iceland is currently on yellow alert as one of the volcanoes on a glacier is likely to erupt. They sent our children a link to Satellite Sentinel 1 that as part of its job constantly monitors the live volcanoes in Iceland and later in the day our year 3 had a look at the volcanoes.

Owen and Oscar described what the volcanoes were like and how if they went in the geothermal pools they would come out smelling of sulphur. Mrs Thorsen showed our year 3 the special snowsuits the Icelandic children wear to play out in. The children have no wet play times, when it snows or rains they climb into their suits and off they go – life goes on.

After the fact finding session finished Mia commented on how she ‘wasn’t sure what it would be like when the volcano erupts and the lava floods out’ and Alex said ‘because the lava rocks looks so hot he thought he would be frightened’. To the children of Reykjavik it is just a way of life.

Mrs Mearns and Mrs Thorssen are deciding when the classes should chat again as they got on so well and learnt from each other.