Our Very Own Deputy Youth MP for Bolton – Molly McDermott

Bolton Town Hall clock struck 5 and the Mayor’s attendant, bearing the Bolton Mace walked into the Council Chamber followed by the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Roger Hayes to announce the results of the elections for the Bolton Youth MP’s.

The Council Chamber was full of very nervous candidates, their families and supporters awaiting the important results.

The Mayor opened the event with a brief history of the Youth MP Elections in Bolton and complimented the work done by the Youth MP’s.

This will be the 8th year Bolton has had Youth MP’s to represent young people between the ages of 11 and 18. Bolton were one of the first towns to realise the importance of the young person’s voice in helping to shape its’ strategy and policy for the future.

Jonathon and Jaya, the retiring Youth MP’s both spoke about the highlights of their term in office including going to the House of Commons in London and Jonathon actually leading a debate there. They both hope the new MP’s will carry on the work they started to improve the mental health of young people in Bolton #bekindtomymind.

The anticipation grew and each of the candidates spoke about their campaign – the highs, the opportunities and the bond they had developed with each other.

Then! The room hushed, the Returning Officer – the Bolton Borough Council Solicitor, announced the results. Jonathon and Ella were elected as the Youth MP’s with Molly as one of the Deputy MP’s. The votes between the 3 of them were just so close.

Congratulations Molly, you have worked hard to achieve the magnificent result and we are confident you will represent the young people of Bolton with great dedication and commitment.

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