Primary 3D Number Design Competition

Posted on 20th November, 2017

3D Designing Competition for Primary Students

 After the Maths Super Learning Day in conjunction with Football Development Team BSCA primary students were set a competition task – to design and make a 3D number.

Mr Partington was so shocked – in a very happy way, nearly 80 entries arrived and he struggled to find places to keep them while judging took place.

The standard of entries was so high and deciding the winners was so difficult Mr Partington decided to ask the whole staff to vote. All the entries were laid out for the whole staff briefing and staff were given 3 votes. Mr Partington counted the votes and …..

The winners were:

KS1 - Dominika

KS2 - Amelia

Runners up – Igor, Macy, Halle-Ruby

The winners were each awarded a maths board game and everyone received an essential maths pack.

Congratulations everyone. 

     IMG_0786.JPG                   IMG_0788.JPG