Sharad Purnima Na Garba 2017

Posted on 9th October, 2017

 One of the largest Hindu festivals is celebrated every October Sharad Purnima Na Garba to welcome the full moon and last Saturday we welcomed The Bolton Hindu Forum event to BSCA with visitors arriving from all over the North West of England.

Whole families came to the event from grandparents down to very small children dressed in the most amazingly colourful and vibrant traditional dress with sparkling jewellery.

The music was provided by singers Mitesh and Neema Bhatt who had come all the way from India to sing at a number of events held in the Manchester area last week  and were supported by the Whythenshaw Band.

Then! - the dancing – watching this was the most amazing experience and to be part of the event as BSCA staff left us all totally mesmerised.  Our whole Sports Hall was filled by dancers of all ages swirling round, their sari’s swishing with the rhythmic steps and some very athletic moves from some of the men.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton came along to support the event and so enjoyed themselves lost all track of time staying most of the night.

Bolton Hindu Forum organised the event with the support of a number of local businesses and temples and the money raised will be donated to their nominated charity – Lupus UK.

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