Student Voice Support Urban Outreach Harvest Appeal

Posted on 6th November, 2017

 Student Voice Collect Tins for the Urban Outreach Harvest Collection Appeal

After the launch of the appeal to our secondary students in Form Time the Student Voice representatives dedicated many hours of their time reminding students of the importance of supporting our local families and collecting the donated tins. 

Our final total was 730 tins with Urban Outreach visiting to collect the tins to help support local people who for whatever reason are short of food for their family.

Congratulations to 7KI who collected 157 tins, 7MH who collected 133 tins and 8SG who collected 123 tins.

Urban Outreach came and collected our donations ready to be stored in their warehouse until needed.

On behalf of Student Voice Molly McDermott, Adam Webber and Joseph Leake would like to say a special thank you to everyone who donated tins of food for the Urban Outreach Harvest Collection.