The Unstoppable Teen – Kevin Mincher Visits BSCA

Kevin Mincher the motivational speaker and creator of the very popular and successful ‘The Unstoppable Teen’ programme visited BSCA to deliver sessions to both students, staff and parents.

All his sessions were delivered with great energy and a passion to ensure every teen had the desire to achieve success and both parents and staff could support them to achieve this. Kevin worked with Year 11 on the theme of ‘Get the grades you want’ and later in the day helped them dig deeper into their motivation and desires. Year 9 joined him in an active session helping them to ‘Raise Aspirations’. Kevin had the year group standing for the balloon and book experiment which all seemed rather strange at first. There was great discussion about the experiment at the end of the session and Kurtis commented ‘it was freaky’.

The staff session was to help them consider strategies to support their students and the parents session was delivered to help support their children through examinations.

Kevin believes some of the most important lessons for Unstoppable Teens include -

Some of the most important lessons include:

  • Opportunities to make our lives better are around us all the time – you’ve got to take those opportunities before they disappear.
  • It takes time to master any subject or skill.
  • The rewards you get are directly related to the effort you put in.
  • There are facts and there are opinions. Make sure you know which is which before making any decisions.
  • Be careful how you communicate with people because it’s almost inevitable your paths will cross in the future (when you want a job or something else).
  • You can never listen too much, but you can talk too much!
  • Your relationships (with teachers, fellow students and random strangers) will have a massive impact on the quality of your life, so take time to cultivate them.
  • You’re capable of doing more than you think.
  • Those who keep going when the going gets tough will be champions.
  • There are things that aren’t in the national curriculum that are more important to learn than some of the things that are in the national curriculum, so make sure you learn outside of school as well as in it.

The day was certainly a success and we hope Kevin enjoyed visiting us.