With Special Thanks to Dr Jonathon Steele, our retiring Chair of Governors

 Jonathon Steele became Headteacher of Firwood School in 2000, relocating from Lancaster to Bolton in the process. From that day he dedicated his career to improving the education and life chances of his students tirelessly.

When offered the opportunity to move Firwood to a new build school with BSCA, Jonathon again used his vision to take the education of the students of the Bolton area to new heights. Both school communities worked in harmony and each enriched each other lives.

After Jonathon retired as the Headteacher of Firwood he continued to invest his skills and expertise in the lives of everyone at BSCA as both a Governor and the Chair of our Governing body.

We now wish to thank him for all his support and the many hours of his time he has invested in supporting us and guiding us to the next stage of our future.

Jonathon will now have time to pursue his hobbies and interests and is already planning a holiday.

We wish you every happiness and good health.

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