Year 11 Passport to Success

Posted on 23rd January, 2018

Year 11 Parents Evening - Passport to Success

 Parents Evening was a very intense occasion for Year 11 and their parents. Not only did they collect their Pre PPE results, discuss progress in every subject and find out how to move forward in preparing for their exams but also learnt about the PIXL revision apps and how to secure a Passport to Success place.

The evening went really well with a mixture of smiles and frowns and many new ways learnt to help both the students and parents achieve good results in the forthcoming exams.

Miss Bolton, as Assistant Director of Standards planned and helped make sure everything went smoothly, believes the most important factor in young people achieving good GCSE grades is hard work, effort and attitude to learning.

At BSCA we strive to recognise outstanding attitudes to learning and those students who adhere to our code of conduct and values are rewarded. To reflect our vision the Year 11 Student Voice team suggested that students should be rewarded for their hard work with an end of year prom. BSCA is very pleased to advise that this event is now being organised to be held on Friday 6th July 2018 at the Last Drop, Bromley Cross, Bolton.

Attendance to prom will be dependent on each individuals Year 11 students’ -

  • attitude to learning throughout their remaining months in school
  • maintaining a good to outstanding level of attendance to lessons
  • punctuality to lessons
  • being work ready for each lesson - having all the equipment they need
  • completing homework and revision at home
  • use of PiXL apps

This will be monitored through the Year 11 ‘Passport to Success’. For a student to be invited to prom they must adhere to the criteria above. This will be monitored and measured based on feedback from their subject teachers on a weekly basis. Each student will receive 5 points for each ‘yes’ they receive from the criteria above.

 To receive their invite to prom your child will need to achieve 110 points.

To receive 10% off your child will need to achieve 250 points.

To receive 20 % off your child will need to achieve 320 points.

Students and their parents left with many strategies to secure success in the forthcoming examinations and knowing should anyone have any queries or questions help is at hand.

Year 11 ParentsEveJan2018.JPG