Year 3L Take Part in Fishkeeper Fry Project

Posted on 14th March, 2018

Year 3L Take Part in Fishkeeper Fry Project 2018

Maidenhead Aquatics who have a local showroom at Wyedale Garden Centre is again running its Fishkeeper Fry programme, designed to teach primary school children aged between 7-8 years, about responsible fishkeeping, by giving them their very own aquarium to develop and nurture in their school.

The programme runs for eight weeks, beginning with teaching the children how to set up an aquarium, adding live plants and learning about the biology behind a healthy tank. By the end of the eight week programme the children will have learnt about and added five different species of fish into their aquarium, watching it thrive in their classroom!

Each week, the programme is designed to teach the class a specific topic relating to successful fishkeeping, whilst also allowing them to discover the wonders of this as a new hobby. The learning is helped by an interactive series of videos that is released weekly on the Maidenhead Aquatics website and YouTube Channel throughout the course of the programme.

 The children have already welcomed 6 Harlequin Rasbora and 2 bronze Cory into their tank and are having great fun watching the different characteristics of the fish. The children  are using their literacy skills to write stories about the fish. Already Mrs Mearns and Mr Atkinson have already had to collect lots of baby fishes and take them back to Maidenhead Aquatics so they have room for more fish each week.