Year 4 and 5 Experience the Outdoor Life

Posted on 29th March, 2018

Year 4 and 5 Experience the Outdoor Life

Year 4 and 5 travelled the short distance to the Anderton Centre near Chorley to experience life outdoors, practice social skills for their personal development and independence away from home.

After discovering where they would be sleeping and a quick unpack it was into a briefing to explain the activities and have a health and safety briefing.

Next the preparations to go out canoeing on the Lower Rivington reservoir began. Pulling on the waterproofs and the safety helmets. Onto the water everybody went carefully paddling to begin with then as the confidence grew some got very proficient darting round.

Making a campfire brought everyone into a much calmer evening toasting marshmallows and popping corn – everything tasted so good. After tea games of charades, singing contests and all 57 students all watching and cheering the England team led beautifully to bedtime. Everyone did themselves proud as many students had never slept away from home before.

The next day started with accuracy and precision being required preparing the students to be ready for the team building exercise of stacking crates and standing on top of the tower they built!

All the staff who supported the students on the trip thoroughly enjoyed themselves too and feel so proud of how the students worked together, tried so many new experiences and learnt so much about themselves, how to help others and work as a part of a team.

Miss Hislop said her highlight was when Ashley helped Kady on the low ropes.

Special thanks to Miss Mercer, Miss Hislop, Mr Hill, Mr Tozer, Mr Muloney and Mr Atkinson for taking care of the and encouraging them to succeed. Many, many memories were made for the children over those two days and a huge thank you to everyone.