Year 8 Are Cycling to Uganda to Support Ebony

Posted on 23rd May, 2018

Year 8 Are Cycling to Uganda to Support Ebony 

This report has been written by Piper Schofield – a member of the cycling team

We are a group of 18 students in Year 8 at BSCA. We have decided to get together and help Ebony Cropper who is going to help young girls who are skipping school in Uganda. So they aren’t  getting their education and help them cope with puberty as they don’t have the right items available like western girls and women take for granted i.e. sanitary towels and tampons.

Our aim in raising money is to help Ebony buy what she needs to help the girls on her trip and help her provide educational support in Uganda. Ebony is an ex-student of BSCA and her story is in the news items.

It is our hope we that we will help improve the lives of these young girls and that they will remain and continue their education.

We are each cycling for 30 minutes on an exercise bike in our BSCA gym for a combined total of 8 hours and 43 minutes – the time it will take to get to Uganda from England for Ebony.

Year 8 have cycled all day raising £95.2. Ebony’s goal for all of her fundraising efforts is £200, which means BSCA has helped her reach half of that.

One student in year 8 said 'Ebony is so brave going out to Uganda to encourage others teenagers, she is my inspiration'.