Year 9 Declare United Utilities Need To ......

Posted on 26th January, 2018

Year 9 Declare United Utilities Need To Invest More In Our Waste Water Network ….

Gary Baron Head of Wholesale Finance at United Utilities visited Year 9 encouraging them to consider the challenges in the water industry today. He outlined his career from leaving school showing the students the importance of planning your career as early as possible. Gary came in as a guest teacher as part of the Teach First programme to help students investigate different careers and aspire to achieve.

Year 9 were encouraged to think about the work of United Utilities – what the company actually do and what the customer expects then the big question was posed – What do you think the main challenge for United Utilities is in the future?

At this point Year 9 had some practical experiments to carry out as a team to help them develop some thoughts about the possible challenges. After some deep thought and discussion Year 9 amongst themselves they reported back to everyone.  

The conclusion was waste water has to be the priority! With growing populations and reducing resources United Utilities need to make sure the waste water is treated as effectively as possible.

Gary concluded with some wise words for everyone when thinking about their work choices ‘Even at my age I’m still learning new skills. The most important thing for me is to enjoy what I’m doing’

Year 9 decided the morning had been very thought provoking.

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