Welcome to Home Learning

Welcome to Primary Phase Home Learning.  The activities and links here are to help you to learn at home during this time of school closure because of Covid-19.  There are lots of things to do in addition to your daily reading and Times Tables Rock Stars.

As a guide, you should do some school work every day, in 10 to 20 minute slots. 

You can access work set by your teacher by clicking on your class in the left column or using the class names below.

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This week's Worship 2 Go Activity

 In between, why not take this opportunity to learn or master a life skill too like: 

  • Fastening your coat
  • Pulling a zip up
  • Doing up your buttons
  • Tying your shoe laces
  • Whistling
  • 10 kick ups
  • Catching a ball
  • Throwing a ball

I am trying to learn to play the guitar... it is not going very well! I might well show you in assembly when we get back.

If you or your grown up have any questions you can drop us an email at primary@boltonstcatherinesacademy.org.uk


Message from Mr Watson - 14th April 2020

Hello Summer Term 2020!

I hope you have all had a safe and enjoyable Easter time.  Today should be the start of the summer term for us all but we cannot be together in school as we normally would be.

School does not feel like it normally does.  It is very quiet without you all.  Our school prayer finishes "so many hands make a house, so many hearts make a school" – this has never felt more true than now.  Even though we can't physically be together we can carry on learning and becoming even better people.

Your teachers are really missing you all and look forward to all the energy you have being back in our building.

I have loved seeing so many of you working on Times Tables Rockstars (even when it should have been the holidays!) and I know from emails from parents that lots of you have completed the work packs we sent home with you before Easter.

This week I am asking your teachers to prepare more work for you to complete - to keep your skills sharp or to get better at. You can find this work each week by clicking on your Year Group on the left hand side.

EVERYDAY you should be:

  • Reading for at least 20 minutes by yourself if you are a good reader or with a grown up or big brother or sister if you need some help. This could be your reading book (if you haven't already read them all!) your library book, a book from in your house, an electronic book (from stories.audible.com/start-listen). David Walliams has a new book to listen to everyday for KS2 on www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses or something that interests you (like a magazine).
  • Logging in to Times Tables Rockstars – if you have forgotten your username get a grown up to email school to get it.

You could also be:


Mr Watson

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