Year 10

Latest News - 25th June 2020

URGENT: Microsoft Teams to be used from Monday 29th June @ 9am for Year 10 and 12 remote learning

Dear Parent / Carer,

During this extended period of school closure, we are delighted to announce that we are able to further support our students working away from school using Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that will mean all remote learning will be in one place – and this can be on your phone, tablet or laptop. Please see over for more details of how to get on to MS Teams.

We have decided to start using this with Year 10 and Year 12 for two reasons:

  1. Both of these year groups currently have a large proportion of students in school. That helps us show the students how to get on to Teams.

  2. Both of these year groups will be completing external exams during 2020-21. We will be using Teams to support intervention and revision next year.

We also plan to use Teams with other year groups for homework, and in the event of a further outbreak of Covid -19.


When will we start using Teams?

From Monday 29th June, at 9am, Teams will be populated with work from every Year 10 and Year 12 teacher.

Students will be expected to complete assignments for each of their subjects by the end of the school day on Friday, at 3pm. 

Instructions on what to do will be provided within each teacher’s instructions.

Each Year 10 and Year 12 teacher will then set other assignments in each of the remaining two weeks of term in the same way.

Teams will allow us to centrally track and monitor completion of assignments so that we can support student progress.

Please help us by supporting your son or daughter in the remaining weeks. We understand that summer is approaching, but we need to prepare for next year and learn how to support Year 11 and Year 13 using Teams.


Microsoft Teams @BSCAMicrosoft Teams Logo.jpg

What is it?

Teams is a digital hub that will mean all remote learning will be in one place.

You can use Teams to access presentations, worksheets, internet based learning, intervention and home learning - all through your phone or tablet – you don’t need a laptop or desktop PC, although you can use a laptop too.

In the future, Teams will also allow you to take part in remote lessons and revision classes and will allow you to: answer questions, ask questions if you are stuck, and allows a teacher to give you feedback to help you improve.

Teams is free for students at BSCA - your child’s Teams account has been set up automatically.


All your child needs to do is this – from a phone, tablet or laptop:

Sign in to Teams

  1. Open and sign in with your school email and password.

  2. From Office 365, click on the Teams app to open right in your browser. 

  3. Select Teams   in to see which class teams you’re in.

If your child is using a phone/tablet, they can download the Microsoft Teams app


Installing the Teams App on iOS or Android

  1. Open the App store or Google Play store and download

  2. Sign in by using your school email address and password in order to gain access to school work.

  3. You will be prompted to receive Notifications and to allow "Teams" to Access the Microphone.


Latest news - 5th June 2020 - Return for Year 10's

Information has been emailed/text home about the arrangements for returning to school for Year 10's - click here to read this information and to complete the compulsory questionnaire for your child to return to school.


Additional information for each 'BUBBLE'

Information has been sent home to inform parents of specific arrangements for each bubble of students, please click here for those letters:

Bubble A

Bubble B

Bubble C

Bubble D

Bubble E

Bubble F

If you have not received any information, but have confirmed that your child is returning to school on 15th June, please email or ring us on 01204 335233 to find out which bubble your child has been placed in.


Latest news - 1st June - Year 10 and 12 Students Returning to School 15th June

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 10  and 12 Students,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.

I need to update you on plans to reopen the schools for years 10 and 12.

Many thanks to those parents that have responded to our previous requests for information about your intentions to send your children back into school. As you may know the Government changed their guidance following an announcement from the Prime Minister on Sunday 24th May and followed that up with more written guidance to schools on Bank Holiday Monday.

We now need to plan to open from Monday June 15th not June 8th as previously planned. Below is an extract from the guidance:

  • From 15 June, secondary schools are able to offer face-to-face support for a quarter of the year 10 and 12 cohort at any one time.
  • Provide some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of year 10 and year 12 students, with a clear expectation that remote education will continue to be the predominant form of education delivery for these year groups and that this should be of high quality.
  • Continue to use best endeavours to support all other students remaining at home, making use of the available remote education support and ensuring a high quality offer

This means we have to change our original plans.

We will be contacting all year 10 and 12 families who did not respond to our original contact to outline our new plans by phone.

The broad outline is to keep  supporting our students through remote learning with face to face learning in groups of no more than 10 students for two mornings a week. The focus will be Maths, English and Science and then support for the remote learning of options subjects.

Please expect a call if you previously did not respond to our first contact. If you have changed your mind from the original contact please let us know as soon as possible by emailing .

Many thanks

Mrs Lucas



Latest news - 21st May 2020 - Year 10 Return to School Arrangements from 8th June

Dear Parents of Year 10,

The leadership team at BSCA have been planning for the return of Year 10 after half term from 8th June.

We have included a survey for you to complete by 9am Monday 25th May to indicate whether you are planning for your Year 10 child to return for the final few weeks of this academic year - .

To inform your decision making on the return to school, I would like to share with you my thoughts on how the school experience will be different during covid19 and the need for social distancing.

School cannot open as normal and so it will feel rather different and the students need to be aware of what school will look like for them.

For Year 10, the sessions will be half days – 8.30am up to 1pm and depending on staffing and student numbers, and would be for a number of days a week. Access to and from school may also be done on a staggered start and finish to ensure everyone's safety.

We will be grouping the students into groups of no more than 15. Each group during the session will receive some face to face teaching for Maths, English and Science. For all the option subjects they will access pre-recorded lessons or on line learning facilitated by a member of staff.

Break time will need to be take in the classroom whilst socially distancing. We will not be serving lunch and no food and drinks will be available on site.

Government guidance has recently changed, and we would like to remind you not to send your child into school if:

  • your child, or anyone in the same household, shows signs of any of the main symptoms
  • your child, or anyone in the same household, is clinically extremely vulnerable.

Please remember you MUST complete this short survey by 9am Monday 25th May to let us know if your child will be attending Your child will not be able to just turn up on the day if we aren't already aware that they are attending.

We will be in touch with the details of which subject will run on which day when we have the full information on student and teacher attendance.

If you have any questions, please email or ring on 01204 332533.

Take care, and keep safe.

Kind Regards,

Rachael Lucas




We are sharing appropriate work for each year group, click on the photo below to go to this year groups work packs. This will be updated as much as possible.

Please can students also check their emails in case work is sent by teachers this way.


Year 10 - Homeworking Packs