Our Safeguarding Team

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Contact no: 01204 33(3301)

Email: DSL@boltonstcatherinesacademy.org.uk

Designated Safeguarding Leads provides safeguarding support for the whole Academy, liaising closely with Bolton Council and other relevant supporting organisations.

Our safeguarding team have a duty of care to ensure all our pupils are safe and supported both in school and at home. We work closely with other agencies to ensure the best help and support is put in place for both students and families.

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Pastoral Leaders

Year Leaders provide pastoral support - emotional and behavioural wellbeing. They do not have a teaching timetable, so they are always on hand to deal with any issues. Through form times and assemblies they play a key role in promoting the Academy's values and IAMBSCA.·


        Sharpe, Charlotte - BSCA - Primary Pastoral Lead - Jan18.JPG                                       O'Donnell, Michelle - BSCA - Year 7 Lead May19.JPG                               Rashid, Imran - BSCA - HoY - Jan 15.jpg

Primary Lead - Mrs Sharp         Year 7 Leader - Miss O'Donnell           Year 8 Leader - Mr Rashid


        Adams, Mrs Krystina - BSCA - English Teacher - Apr18.jpg                                    Spencer-Hughes, Jess (2).jpg                             Fairclough, Marissa.jpg     

Year 9 Leader - Mrs Adams          Year 10 Leader - Ms Spencer        Year 11 Leader - Mrs Fairclough



     Reynolds, Samantha BSCA AHT.JPG  

Sixth Form Lead - Mrs Reynolds