Year 6

Spring Term 2 - Keeping Myself Safe

Lesson Title

Learning Objectives

Think before you click!

Accept that responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting

with others online and face-to-face;

-Understand and describe the ease with which something posted online can


Traffic lights

-Identify strategies for keeping personal information safe online;

-Describe safe behaviours when using communication technology.

To share or not to share?

-Know that it is illegal to create and share sexual images of children under 18

years old;
-Explore the risks of sharing photos and films of themselves with other people
directly or online;
-Know how to keep their information private online.

Resources used:

Rat Park

-Define what is meant by addiction, demonstrating an understanding that

addiction is a form of behaviour;

-Understand that all humans have basic emotional needs and explain some of the

ways these needs can be met.

Resource 1

Resource 2

What sort of drug is...?

-Explain how drugs can be categorised into different groups depending on their

medical and legal context;

-Demonstrate an understanding that drugs can have both medical and nonmedical uses;

-Explain in simple terms some of the laws that control drugs in this country.

Resource 3

Resource 4

Drugs: it's the law!

-Understand some of the basic laws in relation to drugs;

-Explain why there are laws relating to drugs in this country.

Resource 5

Alcohol: what is normal?

-Understand the actual norms around drinking alcohol and the reasons for

common misperceptions of these;

-Describe some of the effects and risks of drinking alcohol.

Resource 6

Resource 7

Joe's story (part 1)

-Understand that all humans have basic emotional needs and explain some of the

ways these needs can be met;

-Explain how these emotional needs impact on people's behaviour;

-Suggest positive ways that people can get their emotional need met.

Resource 8

Resource 9

Joe's story (part 2)

-Understand and give examples of conflicting emotions;

-Understand and reflect on how independence and responsibility go together.

Resource 10

Resource 11