Climate for Learning

It is important that you enjoy learning and being in our Academy; that you make progress in lessons and that you feel safe and confident wherever you are, whether in classrooms, corridors, the restaurant or playgrounds. Indeed that you thrive as part of a friendly, open, supportive community.

To support your development we have straightforward expectations of our students and staff in terms of how we dress, behave and work together. To make these easy to understand we have specific guidance we wish everyone to follow whether this is behaviour on the way to school, conduct in the classroom, attending each day on time or the way we dress.

These strategies are outlined below:

Values for Learning


When learning in class, the teacher will make their expectations of how students should conduct themselves clear by displaying signs which encourage students to adopt one of these learning values. 

The qualities of our students


All parents, carers, staff and governors wish students to not only make excellent academic progress but also to adopt those personal qualities that will see them grow into fine young people. To help with this staff will encourage students to learn these adjacent qualities:

School Expectations


To provide clarity for all we have the following specific expectations in the classroom: