Independent Learning

Homework is an integral part of learning for students at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy.Homework.jpg

Why is homework important?

Homework has a very important place in education and can be used in the following ways:

  • Determination to succeed – students must demonstrate progress through the use of homework, supported by timely and specific feedback.

  • Accept the challenge - students develop understanding through extension tasks that push students beyond the limitations of the classroom.

  • Pre-learning – students learn about a topic or idea before the learning in class starts.

  • Further practice – further repetition of key skills taught in lesson or practice of an exam technique to embed understanding.

  • Reflection – read and respond (improvement) time can be done at home.

Students are expected to:

  • Copy homework details accurately into their planner, including the subject and due date.

  • Make sure they have all their equipment, including their planner.

  • Organise their time and give themselves enough time.

  • Ask if help is needed, but make sure they ask in enough time.

  • Check they have done it to the best of their ability – set their expectations high and promote a culture of determination to succeed.

  • Complete and hand in their homework on time.

We hope that all parents support this by:


  • Sitting down with students, checking and signing their diary, and talking about the homework that has been set.

  • Help establishing a routine with homework.

  • Providing a quiet area for homework to be completed, and contact school if this is not possible.

  • Keep younger children away from students who are working.

  • Ensuring that homework is not ‘skipped’ – ensure students accept the challenge and show a determination to succeed.

  • Listen to your child read and encourage independent reading out of school.

  • Praising your child for their efforts.

  • Encourage your child to attend the homework clubs in school.

Our Library is open after school should students wish to use this facility to complete their homework.

How much homework?

Rather than state days for homework should be set by a department, guided learning time will be allocated to each subject for each year group:


Homework time per subject


30 minutes per week


45 minutes per week


45 minutes (minimum) per week


1 hour per week


1 hour per week

12 &13

4.5 hrs per week

Home Learning Online

BSCA have a comprehensive online learning package to support students working from home.

Click here to find out more information about about the support we provide - Student Homeworking Information