Our Library

The Library at BSCA is a pupil focussed resource to help with their journey at BSCA.  We hold a wide range of resources to support our students with school assignments covering from Primary right through to GSCE revision guides.  Also, to help our students to discover the love of reading that will last them a lifetime.

The library is open to all students from Nursery to Year 11 and all students are automatically made members of the library.

Secondary students can use the library at break, at lunchtimes and after school to read, use laptops for Accelerated Reader quizzes, for homework and research. After school students can use the internet but this will be monitored.


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Love reading.pngStage 3 Reading Suggestions

Full List 

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Stage 4 Reading Suggestions

Year 10 and 11