Expectations and Values

Expectations and values

  1. All students to achieve a minimum of ‘Accepting the Challenge’ for their attendance and in every lesson.

  2. Be held responsible for their own behavior.

  3. Be given time between each step to make the right choice.

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Every students at BSCA deserves the opportunity to achieve their excellence. Excellence means their very best and during national lockdown 3 we have continued to reflect on our practices throughout school, in particular the culture we want to create at BSCA so students can be the best that they can.

Excellence is a strong word to use and is very difficult to achieve and so we see this as our responsibility to teach students how to be excellent, how to be the best that they can be in all aspects of school life, including uniform and behaviour in and out of the classroom.


‘Good schools teach students how to behave.’


Using our ‘Steps to Success’ behaviour model, all students will be taught key important learning behaviours in their lessons that will allow them to develop into successful learners. These skills are underpinned by our strong school values:

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Students demonstrating their very best will be awarded in their lessons with a ‘Determination to Succeed’ and we will continue to recognise these students using text, emails, post cards, social media, phone calls, RISE and school assemblies. Students will be recognised in the following ways:


  • 1 x determination to succeed = 10 believe points on the school reward system
  • 1 x accept the challenge  = 3 believe points on the school reward system
  • 3 x  determination to succeed in a day = positive text sent home
  • 5+ determination to succeed in a day = head teacher postcard sent home
  • Most determination to succeed per week in each year group= Student of the Week. Celebrated in the school bulletin and through RISE recognition and a certificate in year assemblies
  • Most determination to succeed per week throughout school = Head teacher hot chocolate award

Staff are also now encouraged to make at least one positive call home a day to parents of a deserved student.

The minimum expectation is that all students will ‘Accept the Challenge’ in every lesson and work towards the learning behaviours that will make them successful learners.

Students who do not meet this expectation and disrupt the learning of others through selfish and disrespectful behaviours will be challenged. Parents will receive a text/ email home through the school gateway. We kindly ask parents to support school by having a conversation with their child at home about how they conduct themselves in the classroom and how the correct behaviours will have a positive impact of their learning.

Should a student receive a selfish behaviour, they will be buddied into another classroom to avoid the situation escalating further and given the opportunity to reflect and correct their behaviour choices.

Should a student receive a disrespectful because they are in severe breach of the school code of conduct and school values, they will be placed immediately in support centre until the end of the next social time (break, lunch or after school).  Once the student has demonstrated they are ready to return to mainstream by meeting the expectations of support centre, they will be allowed to return to their lessons.

For the vast majority of our students, the changes will have no direct impact on them because they continue to demonstrate our school values of Believe, Strive, Care and Achieve. These changes are about driving higher standards at BSCA and this is the right thing to do for all our students as they deserve the opportunities to be the best that they can. For some and a small minority, these changes will be a challenge. It is a challenge that all students are capable of and one they must work hard to overcome.

Mr. Whittaker


Behaviour Policies

Management and Motivation Policy

Management and Motivation Policy 2020 - Covid19 Addendum

Anti-Bullying Policy 


Home-Academy agreement


Expectations of our Students
At BSCA, the staff, governors, parents and community have high expectations of all our students. To succeed as a student at our school you will need to conform to these expectations. They are there to make sure everyone:

• enjoys school
• stays healthy
• feels safe and secure
• achieves their potential
• makes a positive contribution to BSCA and to the community
• leaves school ready for the world of work and adult life.

We recognise how fortunate we are in terms of students' attitudes and behaviour and the positive choices the vast majority of our students make on a daily basis - this is something we passionately want to protect. We wholeheartedly believe in our BSCA mission statement and the values that underpin our school ethos. 

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We expect all students to follow our Home-Academy Agreement. It is the role of the parent and school to uphold the expectations and values of the Academy and support the child through these.


This means:
• speaking quietly and in a polite tone of voice
• thinking before you speak
• speaking when it is appropriate to do so
• using polite and respectful language.


This means:
• doing as you are asked or told without argument
• sitting where you are asked to in class
• entering and leaving classrooms and learning bays quietly and sensibly
• accepting that members of staff have authority over students because they have responsibility for your welfare
• treating staff as professionals and co-operating with them.


This means:
• speaking politely to other students
• thinking before you speak
• keeping quiet if you have nothing pleasant to say
• keeping 'street language' out of school
• working co-operatively with other students when asked to in lessons.


This means:
• queuing correctly and as instructed
• sitting where you are asked to in class
• showing consideration on the corridors
• moving around school in a sensible, thoughtful and responsible way, carrying bags carefully
• avoiding physical contact with other students
• respecting other students' space
• telling a member of staff if there is a problem with another student.


This means:
• keeping the school tidy, clean and free from graffiti
• putting rubbish in the correct bins – in and out of classrooms
• looking after and having pride in your tutor room
• ensuring standards are met when in specialist rooms, using specialist equipment e.g. in the Science labs; Sports areas, Technology and ICT rooms
• reporting any damage to a member of staff
• making sure you are in the right place at the right time, including at lunchtimes
• eating and drinking only in the designated areas
• not chewing gum anywhere in the Academy
• no energy drinks in the Academy.

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This means:
• wanting to Achieve your excellence
• demonstrate our key learning behaviours of –
Focus& Engagement Pace& Purpose Care& Consideration Sustain & Maintain
• being on time to school and to RISE and all lessons
• having the 'determination to succeed' for attendance for academic achievement
• being work ready, including your RISE booklets
• doing the work to the best of your ability
• recording homework in your planner
• doing and completing your homework and handing it in on time.


This means:
• working hard in class without disturbing others
• celebrating other students' successes as well as your own.


This means:
• wearing the correct uniform correctly
• ensure all mobile devices are switched off when entering the school grounds and throughout the day
• having respect for the school's reputation at all times
• having respect for the local community and environment
• being proud to be members of our school community.



Students failing to meet our expectations will have their individual Care Card signed. If a student does not have a Care Card in their possession they will automatically be issued with a 'correction detention'.

Once the Care Card is complete/full, students will have to write a home academy assignment. Students will be expected to complete the home academy assignment thoughtfully and to the best of their ability, answering all of the questions listed on the prompts provided. We hope that the parents of those involved will support the school and talk through the assignment, assisting in its completion.

We recognise that all children will make mistakes from time to time this is designed to continue to educate our students and help them to recognise what positive choices and behaviours look like. We also want students to understand the negative impact poor choices can have on themselves and others.