Expectations and Values

Expectations and values

  1. All students to achieve a minimum of ‘Accepting the Challenge’ for their attendance and in every lesson.

  2. Be held responsible for their own behavior.

  3. Be given time between each step to make the right choice.

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Dear Parent/Carer,

At BSCA we use Steps 2 Success to monitor the learning behaviours we desire our students to have in the classroom.

Each student in each lesson is given a mark - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

  • If a student demonstrates determination to succeed (1) three times in one day, we will celebrate with a text home.
  • Should a student receives a selfish (4) mark in any lesson, we will be also follow this up with a text.
  • Should a student receives a disrespectful (5), a member of staff will personally contact home.

Please support school in the best interest of your child by talking about the desired behaviour we seek.

These desired behaviours will ultimately lead to your child reaching their full potential.

Thank you for your support.

Mr Whittaker

Deputy Head


Behaviour Policies

Management and Motivation Policy

Management and Motivation Policy 2020 - Covid19 Addendum

Anti-Bullying Policy



Home-Academy agreement

This is an agreement explaining the school's aims and values, its responsibilities towards its pupils, the responsibilities of the pupil's parents, and what’s expected of pupils. Home-Academy agreements provide a framework for the development of such a partnership. The contents of the agreement will clarify what the school is trying to achieve, and the agreement will set out the role of the school, parents and pupils in this vital partnership.

STUDENT AGREEMENT – BSCA has high expectations for all student behaviour in and around the school building. BSCA will not accept inappropriate behaviour that affects the education and well-being of others. Students who fall below our expectations will be sanctioned in accordance with procedures in the management and engagement policy.

Respect #care

Treat other students and staff with respect and show care and consideration to everyone in school.

Respect yourself by adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying safe.

Attendance #strive

Attend school every day, arrive on time and to each lesson.

Be work ready with books, homework, school planner and equipment for the day.

Be proud #strive

Wear the correct uniform and take pride in your appearance.

Remember you are an ambassador for BSCA.

Take pride in your and others’ achievements.

Good behaviour #believe

Behave responsibly when in and outside school.

Always try your best in lessons.

Follow health and safety procedures to keep yourselves and others’ safe.

Homework #achieve

Try your best and complete homework and coursework on time.

Ask for help when you need it.

Enrichment #care

Take part in school activities, clubs, fundraising and visits to expand your knowledge, skills and experiences outside the classroom.

No mobiles #believe

Ensure all mobile devices are switched off when entering the school grounds and throughout the day.





PARENTS and CARERS AGREEMENT – BSCA sees parents/ carers as important partners in encouraging good student behaviour and attendance. BSCA needs parents/ carers to support school and work in partnership with us to help your child achieve. This involves

Safe environment #care

Ensure your child keeps themselves safe and does not harm others’.

Keep school informed of any circumstances that may affect your child’s safety, learning and mental wellbeing in school.

Attendance #strive

Ensure your child attends school each day and on time.

Inform school on the first day of your child’s illness, and in advance for any other reason for absence.

Prevent disruption to your child’s education by only taking holidays during the school holidays.

Be proud #strive

Ensure your child wears the correct uniform, completes their homework on time and brings the appropriate equipment to school each day.

Support and praise your child.

Take pride in their achievements.

Work together #achieve

Support your child in their learning by providing time and space to work at home.

Attend parents’ evenings and other meetings about your child’s progress.

Christian ethos #care

Support the Christian ethos, values and standards of the school.

Good behaviour #believe

Support the school’s behaviour policy, including sanctions and rewards.

No mobiles #believe

Support schools no mobile phone policy and any sanctions that are put in place when not followed.

Enrichment #care

Encourage your child to join in enrichment activities provided by school, at school and outside school.




Safe environment #care

Provide a safe and happy environment where students have the opportunity to develop personally, physically, socially, academically and spiritually.

Teaching and learning #achieve

Provide a relevant curriculum with a wide range of learning experiences to meet the differing needs of individuals and high standards of teaching.

Life-long skills #care

Foster in each student a joy for learning, and a recognition that education is a lifelong process in order to make a full and rewarding contribution to the community.

Caring community #care

Develop a caring community in which each person is encouraged to demonstrate care and respect for everyone and to develop self-respect and discipline.

Christian ethos #care

Create a Christian ethos in which everyone is equally valued as a member of the BSCA family.

Reward and recognition #achieve

Recognise and reward student progress and achievements.

Expectations #believe

Make clear our expected standards of conduct and appearance.

Work together #achieve

Work in partnership with parents through regular contact and reporting.