Student Planners

The planner is an effective tool of communication between school and home. It is a perfect way to know what is happening at school and become greater involved in your child’s education. 

The ministry of education recognises that students are more likely to be motivated, to earn higher grades and to have better behaviour and social skills if their parents are actively engaged in supporting their success at school. Regularly checking the planner on a weekly basis is one great strategy.


How to use the planner


  • Take it with you to every lesson
  • Write in your homework, test, examinations etc
  • Write in your attendance, punctuality, lesson monitor and homework scores
  • Keep your planner clean and tidy
  • It you lose it, tell your Form Tutor immediately
  • Replacement Planners will cost £5.00


  • Please examine the planner closely and sign it at the end of each week
  • We rely on parents to take an interest in their child’s homework
  • Please check that it has been completed on time and inform us of any problems

Form Tutors

  • Tutors will also regularly check this planner


For last year's Student Planner we had a whole redesign to make this a useful daily tool to help and support students all year round. We even asked students to enter a competition to design the front cover for it...... and now Jamie-Leigh can look at her design every day this year, well done.

Student Planner Front Cover.png