Love books and reading

Do you know we are a Reading School?

 The Drop Everything and Read has been a successful Literacy initiative in the UK for a number of years and we are now using it at BSCA. All KS3 students and their teachers Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) for 20 minutes each day, every day. Reading is the foundation of improving literacy skills so that students can broaden their vocabulary and their ability to access the curriculum leading to greater progress. In turn this helps them to have the confidence to apply for further and higher education which leads them to have successful jobs and futures.

Each week a timetable is sent out and a different lesson highlighted each day, each week. Everyone in the classroom must them spend 20 minutes reading silently to themselves. If students do not have a book of their own they can easily visit the BSCA library at break, lunchtime or, after school to take out a book. Our Librarian will happily help advise students select books they will enjoy.

Could you set a time at home with your family when you could take part in your own DEAR? Click here to go to our dedicated page


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What an imaginative and creative group of students and staff we have!

 Brilliant designs across the Academy from Nursery to 6th Form.

FACT: Children who read for just 20 minutes a day for enjoyment do better than those who don’t- it’s been proven by scientists. Reading builds brains!

And the winners were………





Now meet the author

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BSCA welcomed Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize winning author Alex Wheatle to the Library in June. 

Love reading 2.jpgAlex along with Chloe Buckley are part of the Manchester Metropolitan University youth book project.  This project aims to get students reading different books than they normally read. 

Alex’s book, “Liccle Bit”, is set in the fictional borough of Cronington, and focuses on the main character Liccle Bit who is budding artist. 

Alex read a chapter to the group and then opened the discussion about topics raised in the first chapter. Our Year 10 students fully embraced the whole experience.

Skye enjoyed the meeting as she said that “they included everyone in the conversation.”

Kerry thought it was “insightful.”

Faris that it was - “entertaining and fun.”

Sophie believes that it was “very informative about writing.”

On the whole the students enjoyed meeting Alex and Chloe and hope to meet other authors in the future.