New Experiences

Throughout the year our students can be invited onto a variety of trips and visits as part of their curriculum learning and as a reward for excellent behaviour and attendance. Here are a few examples for you:

History Trip to Northern France

New Experiences 1.jpg

The trip was with a history focus on both world wars. They visited war graves in Normandy and Ypres.

We were extremely pleased and proud with how our students showed their upmost respect to those that sacrificed everything for their country.

Student’s also visited the quaint town of Bayeux and saw the famous Bayeux tapestry. After that, we visited William the Conquerers Castle at Falaise.

This was a fabulous experience for both staff and students and we look forward to visiting again next year.

Curriculum Learning Trips


New Experiences 2.jpg

Peter Pan Trip.png


Reward Trips

New Experiences 3.jpg