Head Boy and Girl

Year 11 Student Leadership Team for 2021 -22

Mrs Adams and Miss Butler are extremely proud of the students who completed the application process in order to be part of the student leadership team next year.

Over forty students applied to be role models for the rest of the school by applying to be ambassadors in September. At BSCA we usually have prefects and Head boy and girl, this year we have moved away from these titles and have decided that we are going to have a variety of ambassadors.

As well as this, we had seventeen head boy and girl applications. This is the most we have ever had at BSCA! The applicants had to go through a very challenging process of delivering a speech in front of their peers. Eight of the applicants were then chosen to be interviewed by Mrs Lucas, Miss Butler and Mrs Adams. Mrs Adams may have shed a few tears during this process because she was so proud of each of the students.

It has been a pleasure to read the applications and to see so many students put their names forward to represent our school community and be fantastic role models for the other students in our school.

The following students have been awarded with the following roles:

Head Ambassadors:

  • Jemima Alasaodura
  • Sophia Hughes
  • Ted Hodson Fitton

 Head Ambassadors - 2021-22 (8).JPG


Lead Ambassadors:

  • Joseph Stones - responsible for improving the school environment
  • Ethan Gill - responsible for providing activities during social time
  • Ebony Hardy - responsible for wellbeing and mental health
  • Amber Killeen - responsible for rewards


Pastoral Ambassadors:

  • Candice Mann
  • Abigail Ngandu
  • Hamdi Aden
  • Cerys Greenslade
  • Nevaeh Owen
  • Kelsea Taylor
  • Tyler Dawson
  • Tilly Mint Richards
  • Ali Abaidullah
  • Emilie Smith
  • Nile Ralph Matthews
  • Joshua Bon
  • Ade Awofeso
  • Mckenzie Jordan - Sport


Department Ambassadors:

  • Alice McDonagh – English
  • Megan Hacking – Drama
  • Madison Wright – Engineering
  • Jack Diggle - Computer science
  • Audrey Nghogeh - Engineering
  • Hajar Barko – Sport
  • Lewis Gore – Sport
  • Nabeel Safraz – Maths
  • Kayleese Holmes Littler – Business studies
  • Josh Baxter – Maths
  • Hamdi Aden – IT
  • Oliver Sampson – Geography
  • Charlie Roberts – Sport
  • Nickie McGrath – French
  • Jake Oakley Small – Computer Science
  • Hamdi Omar – Art
  • Calum Chadwick – Sport
  • Tayla Melia - Science
  • Zack Walton – Sport
  • Wareh Sallah - Maths
  • Mohammad Aziz – Sport
  • Alex Mcdonald – Business Studies
  • Kain McEwan – Geography
  • Jake Oakley–Small – IT

Lead Ambassadors (2).JPG