Effective home-school communication is essential to build strong relationships with parents. We recognise that engaging and working with parents and carers is a vital key in providing their child with an excellent education.

BSCA uses a number of different methods to maintain effective communication with parents and carers, and depending on the nature of the communication, BSCA will use the most practicable means.

These are the methods we and you can use to communicate:

  • School Gateway app - this is used for sending messages and student school reports home quickly.
  • ScoPay app - this is a payment app that parents can use to pay for dinners, trips, revision books etc. online.
  • Email  - this is used for sending letters and longer messages home.
  • Text - we want parents to use the School Gateway app and email, as both these methods are free for school and for parents/carers to use. So, we will only use this method if we have no other way of contact home.
  • Student Planner - each student is given a Student Planner on their first day, and parents/carers can read the planner to see what work their child is doing and is set for their homework.
  • Telephone - our reception is open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday during term time - 01204 332533. We also have a separate number for absences - 01204 201144.



Students and parents can also keep connected to BSCA using our website and social media:

Website -
This gives you a wealth of information about BSCA from our contact details, news updates, our values and vision, welfare and Christian support, expectations and values, curriculum information, and much much more, please use it to get to know BSCA better.

Facebook - /OfficialBSCA/
We use Facebook to update you with events that will be happening in school, celebrating students, trips student have gone on and sharing what is happening in the community.

Twitter - @official_BSCA
We use Twitter to celebrate our students, share with you trips students have gone on and what is happening in the community.

Our Christian Youth Support team have taken over our Instagram account, and share with you messages of support, celebrations throughout the year, all about the fundraising we do and how well we do it.

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