Raising Aspirations

Reach for the stars..... in Oxford

Oxford - Part 1a.jpgOur Top 40 higher achievers in Year 10 had the opportunity to attend a campus visit to Oxford University – Pembroke College and Christ Church College. At Bolton St Catherine’s Academy we aim to inspire our students to think ahead, to aim high and believe that not only is this an opportunity but its achievable. 

The university has over 30 colleges has the reputation as one of the best universities in the world and make it a very special place to study and live.

Students took a tour around Pembroke College, and Christ Church, visited the magnificent 18th-century library, saw the original bible that belonged to the first queen, had an anatomy class in the library, and attended a session on Chinese with Flaminia Pischedda.

Although it was a long journey for one day, it was definitely worth it as those memories will last forever!

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Inspiring speakers

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy was visited by Sir John Rowling.


Sir John was given a knighthood for ‘Services to Education’ in 2003. He is the founder of the school improvement organisation PiXL (Partners in Excellence).

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy are proud members of PiXL whose sole focus is to raise standards in education for all young people. PiXL now has a membership of 1,600 Secondary Schools, 500 Sixth Forms, 600 Primary Schools. Bolton St Catherine’s Academy is a member at all three levels.

Sir John spent some time with our Year 5, 6, 10 and 11 students. He spoke to them in the hall about aspirations in life and education. He then visited a number of lessons in Secondary and Primary to support the fantastic work our staff are undertaking. Following his time in lessons he partook in a question and answer session with our student council.


Enrichment Week 

Enrichment week takes place every year on the final week of the year before we break up for the summer. 2019 saw a mix of staff and external organisations deliver workshops that looked at 'Character Education', 'Personal Social Health Education' (PSHE), develop aspirations and deliver new experiences.

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Getting involved with our community

We are keen to get more and more involved with our community, from raising money, collections of items, inviting them to our spectactular building and facilities, encouraging the community to join groups and clubs that are based here and work with our lettings company SLS, and inviting local businesses to meet our students and support events.

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