Rewards and Recognition

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“BSCA is committed to recognising and rewarding learners who go ‘over and above’ our standards.”

We also recognise that if students are doing their best, they must feel that their efforts are recognised and appreciated both at home and in school. Therefore, a quiet word of personal praise can be as effective and is the key to developing positive relationships.

BSCA has a variety of ways of acknowledging student success that are both extrinsic and intrinsic in motivation:


STUDENT OF THE WEEK will be awarded to the student who has the highest BELIEVE points in each year group and in each form. This certificate should be displayed on the form notice board.

FORM OF THE WEEK will be awarded to the form who has STRIVED for the highest attendance in each year group. This certificate should be displayed on the form notice board.

HERO OF THE WEEK will be awarded to the student who has the highest CARE points in each year group per week.

CLASS OF THE WEEK nominations are made each week by every teacher in school during pastoral briefing to acknowledge a class have ACHIEVED.

All these rewards will be presented to the winners by their Year Leader.



  • 10 points for Determination to Succeed (D2S)
  • 3 points for Accept the Challenge (AtC)
  • postcards home sent for D2S and AtC
  • phone call home
  • positive praise verbally and visually
  • 5 points for being work ready
  • 20 points per subject if on or above target set
  • end of year pin badges for achievement and progress.




  • daily text for 3 or more D2S during lessons
  • recognition in assembly with certificates and badges
  • positive praise during Rise time with whole year group.


  • 25 points for 100% attendance per week
  • 100 points bonus for 100% attendance every half term
  • 50 points bonus for D2S in attendance every half term
  • 25 points bonus for AtC in attendance every half term
  • certificates awarded every term.


  • points awarded for their contribution to the school and wider community including extra-curricular, charitable and form time participation.

When students meet the set tally of points they will be presented with either bronze, silver, gold or platinum awards depending on how many points they achieve.


#BSCACareChampion AWARDS#BSCACares logo.png

CareChampion is recognising staff and students who will go above and beyond to care for our community. They might be recognised through their contribution to charity work, acts of kindness, supporting staff and peers or taking part in BSCA Care campaigns.

Nominations can be made by students and staff through the Christian Based Youth Team.

Each Care Champion will be recognised in assemblies or briefings



This is a new awards system for this year which will give each year group a 'bucket list' of 20 things they can do based around our core values – BELIEVE, STRIVE, CARE AND ACHIEVE.
At the end of the year students bucket list will be totaled and will determine what level of award they will graduate – 1:1 (first class), 2:1 (upper-second class), 2:2 (second class)or 3:1 (third class).
These will be presented at our Annual Awards Presentation at the end of each year.



Every year we have our Annual Awards Presentation for each year group from Year 7 - 11. We celebrate: Outstanding attendance; outstanding progress, achievement and endeavour for each subject; outstanding contribution they have made to the lives of their fellow students and the life of the Academy; overall year group outstanding attitudes to learning.