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Secondary - confirmed case of COVID-19 within Year 8 - 24th September 2020

We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within Year 8.

We know that you may find this concerning but are continuing to monitor the situation and are working closely with Public Health England. This letter is to inform you of the current situation and provide advice on how to support your child. Please be reassured that for most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness.

Public Health England have advised us to send home all of Year 8 for today and tomorrow – Thursday 24th September and Friday 25th September. All students will return on Monday 28th September unless they have been instructed to self-isolate for 14 days by the school. This will allow school to identify all close and direct contacts that are likely to have taken place with the child with the confirmed case.

Anyone is the same household as a Year 8 student does not need to self-isolate, unless someone in the household develops symptoms of COVID-19. Those children not in Year 8 should continue to attend school as normal, unless otherwise instructed by school within the next 48 hours.

Whilst we understand that you may have concerns, we continue with social distancing measures, cleaning and hygiene arrangements in school throughout the day.

Click here to read the full letter we have sent home for all Secondary parents.


Secondary - Daily Face Mask Reminder

Dear Parent/Carer,

We will be sending out regular reminders to all parents about checking their child has their face mask ready for school each day. Students may be sent home to get their face mask if they do not bring it in with them.*

We are finding that on PE days some students are forgetting their face mask and this has meant we have now run out of our contingency supply. To reduce the risk of this occuring students could have a face mask in their blazer, hoodie and their bag, as they should always have one of these with them in school.

Students should now have access to face coverings due to their increasing use and requirement in wider society. It is not schools responsibility to provide a face mask, it is a parental responsibility to ensure that their child is prepared with one for the school day. Public Health England has made available resources on how to How to make a cloth face covering.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind Regards,

Rachael Lucas


*this does not apply to any students that are exempt from wearing face masks.



Privacy Notice

Every year we share our Privacy Notice with you, because under data protection law, individuals have a right to be informed about how the school uses any personal data that we hold about them. We comply with this right by providing ‘privacy notices’ to individuals where we are processing their personal data.

Please read the attached Privacy Notice explains which explains how we collect, store and use personal data about students. We, Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, are the ‘data controller’ for the purposes of data protection law.

Privacy Notice - Parents and Carers

Privacy Notice - Students


Student and Parent Information                              

It is essential we have the correct information for all our students on our systems for the health, safety, safeguarding and wellbeing of your child. It enables us to contact you when we need to either by phone, email, School Gateway app or letter home -

- student home address

- prime (parents/carers) contact details - address, mobile number and email address. Other phone numbers will need to be provided if you are unable to use your mobile at work i.e. home number and work number

- other contacts - mobile number

We require a minimum of two contacts for each student including at least one prime contact (parents/carer).  To update your details either send a change request or message via the School Gateway app or email us at  .


POLITE REMINDER - if you, or anyone in your household develops Covid symptoms

Letter from Mrs Lucas 15th September 2020 - please read carefully



It is vitally important that you download and register with our School Gateway app now. Here is more information for you:

Letter from Mrs Lucas 15th September 2020

Link to instructions




  • Host people you do not live with in your home or garden, unless they're in your support bubble
  • Meet people you do not live with in their home or garden, whether inside or outside of Bolton, unless they're in your support bubble
  • Gather in outdoor public spaces, such as parks with people from different households
  • You should only use public transport for essential reasons



Please be aware that a member of the public offered one of our students a lift. The student is safe and made the right choice to report to parents and school. Staff have been briefed and there will be an extra presence at the end of the day. We are monitoring the situation and appropriate agencies.

Please be vigilant and feel free to contact school if you have any queries or further information.



We have been made aware that there is a graphic video circulating on the 'Tik Tok' app and unfortunately, this video can be easily accessed by children who use it. As a matter of safety, we would urge parents/carers to check children's phones on a regular basis so that you are aware of the content that they have access to.

Letter from Bolton Council


Secondary letters

BSCA Year 7 Message - Headphones Request - Year 7 students will completing CAT tests over the next two weeks to fill the gap left by not doing SATs in year 6. To enable students to complete these they need to bring a set of headphones with them to use and should not be used at any other time.

Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

Ben Ward

Deputy Head


This letter will be issued if your child (Year 7-13) does not/refuses to wear a face mask as instructed:

Failure to wear a face mask letter – action required


Year 7 Enrichment Programme Letter - starts 24th September 2020


Year 11 Model for Supporting Year 11 Letter


Process of Awarding Summer 2020 Grades Letter - sent 8th April 2020


France Trip 2020 Letter - CANCELLED


Uniform and being Work Ready Letter - February 2020

The school uniform is compulsory and we would like to bring a number of issues to your attention that we intend to address when we return following the February break.  More specifically, we feel that we need to clarify our expectations and tighten up on:



Newsletter - End of Term - Summer 2020

Latest The Bishop Fraser Trust Newsletter - December 2019

Latest BSCA Newsletter - End of Term - December 2019

Newsletter - Start of Term - September 2019


School Buses

School Bus Timetable - 2020-21

Bus Fare Increases Letter - July 2018  


General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new legislation that all people and organisations must comply with by 25th May 2018. This replaces the 1998 Data protection Act. Even with Britain leaving the E.U. the government have adopted this legislation.

For schools this applies to ensuring all our stakeholders are aware of what data we hold on them, why we hold it and how long for. To ensure our stakeholders are aware of this we have published on the school website our privacy notices which inform students and parents of how we will use their data.  

Anyone is allowed access to the data that we hold on them as long as it is not against the public interest. As a school we aim to comply with the all the guidelines from the data regulator the Information Commissioners office.

GDPR Policy

Privacy Notice for Students

Privacy Notice for Parents/Carers


In the Event of a School Closure

Just in case...... here is the School Closure Process and letter for parents/carers.

This letter lets you know what will happen if we are remaining open despite adverse weather conditions, if we have to close for the day, and if we have to close during the day.

If school has to close during the day, we have to make sure that all our students leave the school safely and go to a safe place. So we are now seeking information and permission for childs arrangements in the event of us closing during the day.

Please read this letter carefully, complete and return the reply slip and keep a copy of it at home, especially if you provide us with a password.

School Closure Parent Letter

Reply slip only