Year 11

Information Events and Progress Evenings

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Year 11 Progress Evening - Thursday 11th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

This year’s Progress Evening will be different to our usual format. We are in the current climate unable to offer you the opportunity to come into school to speak to your child’s teachers so, we are offering you the opportunity to have meetings with staff online using SchoolCloud. 


The Progress Evening is on the Thursday 11th February and the method for making appointments with staff online is here -

Parents Guide for Booking Appointments.

Please follow the guide to set yourself up and then book slots with staff. Appointments are time limited to 5 minutes to ensure everyone has access to staff and the system will end them after your timed slot is completed. If you need further conversations with staff then please do not hesitate to contact them individually.


Important Information – Please read

An extremely important point to note for this evening is the format of how the meeting will run. The government are insisting that schools do not share any information regarding the grade that they will be awarding students. The final grade your child will receive will not be solely a judgement by their teacher. We will perform a rigorous moderation process so that the grade your child is awarded represents how the school and not an individual member of staff believes they will perform. Therefore, we ask that you do not ask staff for this grade as they will be unable to comment on a specific number or level that will potentially be awarded.

At this point the government are still consulting on the process for awarding grades so, as a school, we are still unsure of how we will be asked to award grades. The reason we as a school do not want to give out grades either is that in February there is still a long way to go before your child has finished their course and the work that is expected of them. We want to give all students the opportunity to improve their current grade in the remaining part of the academic year.

Staff will therefore will provide information on the following areas only:

  • What work or assessment your child did to receive the current grade they were awarded in January.
  • What are the strengths of your child in that subject
  • What are the areas they need to improve in that subject
  • How your child has been engaging in online learning in that subject


I would just like to thank you for your continued support through what has been a difficult period of adjustment for everyone.

If there is any further assistance you require in terms of accessing remote learning or queries regarding grades please do not hesitate to contact either Miss Spencer or Mr Williams at or



Information Evening - October 2020

We have been unable to hold our Year 11 Information Evening this year, so we have put together a video to talk you through all you need to know, please see below. You will hear from:

  • Miss Spencer - Year 11 Leader - Welcome
  • Mr Williams - Assistant Head - Study Support Sessions
  • Mr Ward - Deputy Head - Remote Learning
  • Mr Thomas - Assistant Raising Standards Leader - GCSE Pod
  • Mrs Murphy - Assistant Head - Maths
  • Mr Chester - Practitioner Lead - English