Year 11 Support Programme and Updates

Latest news about exams and grades for 2021

Year 11 and 13 - Department of Education Announcement for 2021 Grades - 7th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Following on from the announcement from the Department for Education that the summer of 2021 will see schools award grades to students, we would like to give clear guidance of how the rest of the academic year will run for students. This will vary dependent on the type of qualification that students are studying and how much of the course content has been completed.

In GCSE and A-level subjects that are yet to complete the course content, the expectations will be that for students to merit a full awarded grade from the school, you will be expected to have engaged in online learning and when we return to school you will participate in the remainder of the course to the best of your ability. This will allow the school to be confident that they have provided a valid awarded grade.

In subjects that have a final exam and the course has been completed there will be an expectation that in these subjects students continue to learn that subject. This is because students have selected this subject through options or may be taking it at further education and therefore knowledge enhancement in that subject is key. Students may continue to learn topics in that subject that will give them a broad knowledge base that they can use in further education or in later life.

For vocational qualifications that have coursework units that are yet to be completed or started will continue. As a school we feel that to be confident in awarding a final grade in this subject students need a strong evidence base of coursework that supports the schools judgement of the grade to be awarded by the school.

Last year schools were expected to grade all students in all subjects. The school had a rigorous process to ensure that all students were provided with a fair grade reflective of their progress. There were a number of factors that as a school we undertook:

  • Mock exams were taken as a potential benchmark for student progress
  • Attitude to learning and attendance to school
  • Evidence in books or files and amounts of coursework completed.

Please can I remind you that although teachers play a crucial part in the awarding of grades the grades are decided by the school. Even after input from staff a process of moderation takes place and the grade may not be reflective of just the member of staffs input.

As a school we will support students who may have to isolate with online resources. No student will be disadvantaged by Bolton St Catherine’s Academy if they are unable to attend school due to valid Covid absence. However, if a student is well and there is failure to participate in online learning currently and learning in school when they return from the current closure, this will have an impact on how we as a school are able to justifiably award a grade based on the full course having been completed.

If you are not able to access online learning due to a lack of devices, please contact school and we will endeavour to support you to find a solution.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs R Lucas



Year 11 Information Evening

We have been unable to hold our Year 11 Information Evening this year, so we have put together a video to talk you through all you need to know, please see below. You will hear from:

  • Miss Spencer - Year 11 Leader - Welcome
  • Mr Williams - Assistant Head - Study Support Sessions
  • Mr Ward - Deputy Head - Remote Learning
  • Mr Thomas - Assistant Raising Standards Leader - GCSE Pod
  • Mrs Murphy - Assistant Head - Maths
  • Mr Chester - Practitioner Lead - English

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information at

Kind Regards,

Ben Ward

Deputy Head



Year 11 Support Sessions

As you are aware your child missed a significant amount of their schooling in the last academic year. This was obviously due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the Government have said this year they want external exams to take place in schools. We as a school have provided your child with the opportunity to have the best chance possible to succeed in the summer 2021.

To support your child we are running compulsory additional sessions in school from 3-4pm
on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. Your child will need to bring with them any
additional work such as homework, catch up work they may have missed in school or
revision. This will be supervised and supported by staff in the main school hall. This will
begin on Monday 14th September 2020.

Letter sent home: Year 11 - Additional Support Sessions - from September 2020