Attendance Agreement

For all occasions of absence, a parent or carer must contact the Sixth Form Office to report the student as absent as early as possible. The Sixth Form Absence line is 01204 201162.

Reason for absence


Parent/Carer to contact the Sixth Form Office on each day of absence.

Dentist/Medical Appointments

All dental & Medical appointments should be arranged outside of Sixth Form hours unless absolutely unavoidable. We will request proof for any absences.

If there is an emergency at home

Should you have any unforeseen emergency at home and need to leave Sixth Form we must receive a telephone call by a parent/carer giving us permission for you to leave. You must sign out at the Sixth Form office before you go.

Feeling unwell whilst in Sixth Form

If you feel unwell whilst in Sixth Form please see Anita or Rachael in the Sixth Form office who are first aid trained and will assess the need to send you home. We will contact parents/carer for permission before you are able to leave.

University/Educational Visits/Course interviews/Auditions

A copy of the letter should be presented to the Sixth Form office so that you can be coded appropriately for any education visit. If the visit has been arranged through Sixth Form will we mark you appropriately.



Prompt punctuality is expected by ALL students. Late students should ALWAYS register with the Sixth Form office and then go straight to class.

A member of teaching staff is absent

Students to attend lessons as normal where either a cover teacher will be present or you will be marked in and given work by a member of the Sixth Form team.


Students are not expected to take ANY holidays during term time.



We understand that lots of our students are keen to take on paid employment but please remember to keep any work shifts out of Sixth Form hours. You should not commit to any hours between 8.45am – 3.00pm during term time. Please also remember that most courses require you to complete study in your own time at home. Please be mindful on the amount of hours you worth in an evening. 


Students must be present in form time each morning by 8.45am. You will be marked as LATE if you arrive after this time.

It is important that you take responsibility for your own attendance. Every missed class will have an impact on your learning, therefore, we ask you to sign the attendance agreement slip at the end of the booklet.