Our Dress Code

The Academy expresses its high standards in many ways, one of which is through the dress of its members. From Foundation Stage to Year 11 conformity to a uniform is required but Sixth Formers have the privilege of choice, provided that their dress is appropriate for an academic learning environment. Formal dress is only required on certain prestigious occasions.
This Dress Code aims to ensure that Sixth Formers:

• Set a good standard and example of appearance within the Academy and the community.

• Learn to develop an appropriate sense of dress suited to different occasions

Therefore Sixth Formers should follow the guidelines below:

1. The impression given by each individual in the Sixth Form should always be tidy, clean and smart with dress appropriate to an academic learning environment.

2. Dresses, tops, trousers etc. should not reveal any bare midriffs, cleavage or underwear.

3. Dresses, skirts or shorts must be no higher than knee length.

4. Footwear should be smart and clean.

5. The following are not regarded as appropriate for an academic learning environment:
shorts above the knee, mini-skirts, football shirts, hats including caps and hoods, ripped jeans / ripped denim, jogging pants & tracksuits. Students will be required to wear the official Academy sportswear provided by the sport department.

6. Visible piercings and tattoos are not deemed appropriate for a 3-19 academic learning environment and must not be on display.

To safeguard all members of our community a Bolton St Catherine’s Academy identity badge must be worn visibly at all times in the Academy, otherwise the student will be sent home.