Caring and Fundraising



  • Lunch Club - Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Awesome - Wednesdays for Year 3 - 6 - 3pm - 4pm

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As an Academy, we support 3 charities:

  • Urban Outreach is our chosen local charity

  • Comic/Sports Relief is our chosen national charity

  • Christian Aid is our chosen international charity

CYS 9.png   Christmas Dinner on Jesus 2019.jpg

We collected tins of gravy for the ‘Christmas Dinner on Jesus’ project, and tins of food for the harvest appeal. Our students gave generously and we collected many bins full.



CYS 10.jpgComic Relief and Sports Relief alternate each year, and this year was the turn CYS 11.jpgof Comic Relief. We had a Bake Sale and sold raffle tickets to win tickets that were donated by BWFC. We raised a grand total of £373.55!

This year our student’s hand made keyrings to sell throughout the Academy, and we also ran fundraising projects throughout our extra-curricular activities which were student led.


CYS 12.jpgPrimary held their very own Christian Aid party, thanks to the support of our church volunteers…and due to the success of the bake sale last time, it was in demand to be ran again! We raised another fantastic total of £341.44.

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