Mobile Phones and Social Networking

Mobile phones are part of modern day life, nevertheless we expect students to use them responsibly whilst in school. To ensure everyone understands expectations and to avoid any confusion mobile phones are allowed in the Academy and can be used at break and social times.

If a student's mobile phone is seen or heard in lesson, it will be removed immediately.

Mobiles.jpgMobile phones must be switched off and be placed in school bags, out of sight, throughout form and lesson time.  Any use of a phone during lesson time will lead to confiscation.

We would ask parents to please refrain from ringing students during lesson times. If you have a vital message for your child, please contact the office on 01204 332533 who will ensure the message is passed on appropriately or, if less important, a text might be a better means of communication for your child to pick up at break or lunchtime.

Similarly taking inappropriate photos of students or staff inside school is not allowed and should there be sufficient reason to believe a student has done this, they may be asked to show staff and delete any such photos. Similarly, posting inappropriate photos or comments on Facebook, twitter or other social media is not permitted either.