Caring for your Child

Students that feel happy, safe, valued and able to contribute not only make more progress academically but develop into more rounded confident and positive adults best equipped for a happy and successful life. This type of support to students is a major priority for us, whether it be monitoring and supporting learning to keep students on track or mentoring, counselling and support for social or other issues.

Each student is in a form group that has two form managers who are responsible for oversight of the general welfare and wellbeing of students this helps to ensure that no student feels lost in a large group and all get the personal support and attention they need.

All aspects of learning, behaviour and welfare are taken care of by the Year Leaders and form managers whose role it is to ensure that students feel safe, valued and cared for. Students with Special Educational Needs are supported by a comprehensive learning development team with LSA’s (Learning Support Assistants) lead by the Special Needs Manager.

At Bolton St Catherine’s Academy we know that children and students achieve best if there is a strong learning partnership. This partnership represents the link between Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, our students and their parents.

Our partnership is developed by:
• Regular progress reports - We report regularly and provide frequent information so that parents know whether or not their sons or daughters are reaching their targets
• Regular newsletters that inform about developments at the Academy
• We will ask parents their opinions directly and through surveys and questionnaires to ensure the Academy is constantly improving.
• Regular meetings with staff through parent consultation evenings and target review days.