Pastoral and Safeguarding

Effective learning and teaching is directly linked to behaviour and attitudes. Effective teaching is a major factor in promoting good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning.

The Academy will always strive to ensure education is accessible to all. We will provide a safe and positive atmosphere for students to achieve good outcomes.

Staff from all areas of the Academy, alongside students, have been consulted and contributed to the writing of this policy.

This policy will be reviewed as it is used and developed to reflect the changing needs of our students and consequently the development of working practices.


The aim of the policy is to provide a whole school framework on how to manage and motivate students whilst ensuring the Academy's value of inclusion is still at its core.

We are determined to develop the mind set and culture within the Academy so that every member of our community, students and staff, wish to and strive hard to make progress, taking immense pride in their effort and work.

The Academy's objectives are for learners to:

  • develop a set of values which contribute positively to their learning and their lives
  • demonstrate exemplary conduct and be self-disciplined
  • develop a growth mind-set
  • feel valued as individuals and celebrate their own and the Academy's achievements
  • value the diversity of the community
  • aspire to make the most of opportunities to extend their horizons and further their training and education
  • contribute to the common good of the community locally, nationally and internationally
  • work hard to develop their personal, learning and thinking skills
  • have the opportunity to understand and experience the Christian worship in the Academy
  • achieve good outcomes
  • be well prepared for life and work beyond the Academy

Please click here for our Management and Motivation Policy.

Secondary Pastoral Support and Process

Teaching and Learning Support Assistants support students and teachers throughout the day and during lesson times. ·        

Teachers teach and support students during lessons and for specific subject support.·        

Form Tutors supervise their own form group, students are expected to register with their Form Tutor each morning. During form time their Form Tutor will share information about a variety of topics and diary events. They are the first point of contact via the Student Planners.·        

Year Leaders provide pastoral support for the whole year group. They do not have a teaching timetable, so they are always on hand to deal with any issues. Through form times and assemblies they play a key role in promoting the Academy's value and IAMBSCA.

Designated Safeguarding Leads provides safeguarding support for the whole Academy, liaising closely with Bolton Council and other relevant supporting organisations.

Our safeguarding team have a duty of care to ensure all our pupils are safe and supported both in school and at home. We work closely with other agencies to ensure the best help and support is put in place for both students and families.     

Key Stage Leads provides pastoral and safeguarding support for all students in Secondary. They have an overview of behavior and safety across the Academy.

  • Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and 8) - Miss Suzie Butler
  • Key Stage 4 (Year 9 to 11) - Mrs Krystina Adams  


Our Process

General pastoral support required                      Safeguarding support required 

Form Tutor                                                             Year Leader

          I                                                                                I                                              

Year Leader                                             Designated Safeguarding Lead

          I                                                                                I

     Key Stage Lead                                            Deputy Head for Pastoral

                 I                                                                                I

Headteacher                                                           Headteacher


 (These are subject to staff and structure changes)